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Krówki Alicja
Krówki Alicja

In our family confectionery company, we cultivate traditional values ​​and the passion of confectionery masters. It was passion that more than 30 years ago inspired us to create our flagship product: a fudge. Natural ingredients - milk, double cream and fresh country butter as well as an original recipe guarantee excellent taste and quality of our fudges. They are invariably valued by our customers - retail chains distributing our products or ordering fudges under their own brand or companies wanting to advertise using a sweet treat.

We sell fudges in plastic packaging or in bulk. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer.

Fudges are great as advertising sweets, which is why we invite companies that want to sweeten their relationships with their customers and contractors to cooperate with us. Companies such as Ustronianka, Ikea, Mixpol petrol station network, Dobija meat plant network, Łysoń honey and honey product distributor and Rogala bakery have already benefited from this. We also invite retail chains selling own-brand products to cooperate with us - delicious fudges will complement their offer.

Residents of Żywiec or the surrounding area are invited to our confectioneries, where, apart from fresh delivery of fudges in all flavors, we offer cookies, cakes and pastries made upon request by the Confectionery Master, belonging to the Bielsko-Biała Food Craft Guild.>/p>

In addition to tasty fudges in eight flavors we produce:

  • creams and fudge creams for direct consumption or for cakes,
  • butterscotch,
  • crunchy cookies,
  • and in our patisseries in Żywiec cakes and layer cakes upon request.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products.

We invite individual and corporate clients to enjoy tasty fudges and confectionery products by Alicja!

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